Church No Longer in Strife After Understanding God’s Forgiveness

Our church was divided due to discord and strife. But through the teaching of grace and righteousness, unity has begun, and anger has dissipated as the people are no longer under a condemning spirit.

My husband and I have been teaching on the book of Romans in our church on Wednesday evenings. We are incorporating the books Destined to Reign and Grace Revolution with the teaching. What God is doing through this teaching is changing the lives of the people in our church. They are beginning to understand that they are forgiven as Jesus dealt with all our sin at the cross.

The liberating teaching of sins being forgiven and forgotten—as Scripture says our sins and lawless deeds He remembers no more (Heb. 10:17)—is changing our church people’s belief of how God sees them. They have been gloriously changed and set free and are moving from bondage to freedom.

We believe this is only the beginning. God’s power is working through them as they understand that He wants them to enjoy His blessings and favor because of the cross of Jesus. He is not out to “get them” if they do wrong. We have learned that the true gospel, when spoken, is anointed and full of favor and blessings. Those who hear will be set free!

Pastor Prince, thank you so much for your wisdom and insight into the Word of God. God is using what we learned from you to reach others with the real gospel of truth!

Daniel and Lisa Parker
North Carolina, United States

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