Sober from Addictions, Desire to Spread the Gospel

Pastor Prince, I have been reading my Bible pretty much every day for about a year, but I didn’t receive true freedom until I started reading one of your books in rehab.

I literally read your book 4 times when I was in there because it made me truly understand what I needed all my life. Fear, guilt, and condemnation have plagued me for the longest time. I was going through so much in my life, and your teachings and books have shed so much light. Today I have more faith when I pray.

I now know my God looks at me as His child and have really started to believe in verses that say, “His angels encamp around me,” and “The Lord is my heritage,” because I believe in Jesus. I feel Him so much it’s like my insides just jump for joy when I talk about His love for me and how He defends me.

I have been sober for a year and half. Guilt for my terrible mistakes, shame from my humiliating experiences, and addictions due to the hole in my heart all melted away after I read your book. I also stopped smoking cigarettes not because my Father is up there with a lightning rod but because I now know I am His beloved son. I have even stopped drinking coffee because I want to be more sober. And I have also stopped overeating, eating just enough. I feel that God wants to fill me with His Spirit, renew my spirit afresh every day, and give me His peace.

My plan is to get hold of your materials every month and hand them out to the homeless and those in rehabs. Thank you so much for doing the work of God. I will never forget your message and plan to get all your teachings so I can teach the truth to others.

Jon Lejune
Louisiana, United States