Credit Card Debt Settled

I listened to a message in which Pastor Prince said we should not worry but rest and let God work. He also mentioned credit card debt, an area of concern for me, so I tried to rest and let God work.

Later I was blessed with $13,000 from my insurance company because there was damage to my roof shingles due to a hailstorm. I didn’t know about the damage until I was led to do squats in front of a window in my laundry room.

Each time I got up from a squat, I would look at the tree outside the window and that was how I came to see the shingles on the tree branches and on the ground. I reported this to my insurance adjuster who confirmed the damage and sent me a $13,000 check.

The check not only covered the repair of my roof but also my other debts. Thank You, Jesus, and to God be the glory!

My sister and I have been beside ourselves with excitement since we discovered Pastor Prince in April 2018. His teachings on God’s grace have increased our understanding of our positions in Christ. We are thrilled that God has reached out to us. Finally we get it and it’s been AMAZING!

Thank you, Pastor Prince.

Pamela Dukes
Indiana, United States