Miraculous Growth in Business Despite COVID-19

When COVID-19 first hit, my company was shaken. As we do events, I knew that business would be majorly affected. We had no idea when this would end or when we would be able to hold live events again.

I prayed and asked for God’s direction and held on God’s promise through Pastor Prince that this is the year of time and space for us. In March, I made the decision to fully transit my business online. The results were nothing short of amazing!

In April, we hit last year’s total revenue within a month and in May, we achieved the same results within a week! Every single day, I get to witness God’s mighty hand at work and His promise coming to pass.

I also felt led to be a blessing during this time of famine, and my team and I have raised a 6-figure sum to support various charities. This too is a work of God!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for teaching us the gospel of grace.

Reshveen Rajendran