Cyst in Mouth Gone

Pastor Prince, I am a Singaporean living in Germany. About 4 or 5 years ago, I noticed a small cyst (about 1 to 2 millimeters in size) had appeared on the roof of my mouth. As it was small, it did not bother me, and I did not consult a doctor.

The cyst remained and 1 month ago, it suddenly grew bigger to about 5 to 7 millimeters in size. I then consulted my dentist, and they referred me to make an appointment with a mouth surgeon.

Strangely, during this period I was not worried—I believed the peace of the Lord was guarding me. I listened to the sermon The Power Of The Name Of Jesus and faith arose within me as I spoke out, “Growth in my mouth, I curse you to your roots in the name of Jesus.” At that moment, I knew the cyst had died at its root.

I continued declaring those words over my cyst. After 2 weeks, I was having breakfast one morning when I realized the cyst was completely gone! I moved my tongue around my mouth, trying to find the cyst but it was not there. Praise the power of Jesus’ name.

When I went for the appointment with the mouth surgeon, he could only find a hardened spot where the cyst used to be.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for continually unveiling the beauty of Jesus Christ and the power of His name wrapped up in love for me. I pray in Jesus’ name that your messages and ministry continue to go forth to the ends of the earth into many people’s hearts!

Joseph Chong