Daddy, Does This mean my Best Friend Is Back?

In August 2010, after years of treatment for depression, my son-in-law was diagnosed as bi-polar/schizophrenic complicated with borderline multiple personality syndrome. In September 2010, I moved my daughter and two grandsons in with me for their safety.

For months, I had been trying to get them to read Destined To Reign and to check out your website. I was listening to your CD album, Favor Without Measure, in my car. When my daughter went out to get things from the car, the CD was playing and she sat there listening to the entire message.

We finished the series the next day as we did errands and planned what needed to be done to change my older grandson's school. That night, after spending the day driving from one car park to the next parking lot, my son-in-law who was debating how best to commit suicide, ended up at Borders Bookstore thinking to read comics to still the voices on the inside.

When he sat down, he didn't read but just sat there. After a while, he looked up and saw the book Unmerited Favor. Being dyslexic, he doesn't read but he began reading your book and for the first time, knew Jesus loved him.

The next day, my daughter moved back and nothing has been the same, by the grace of God. Not too long ago, her oldest asked, "Daddy, does this mean my best friend is back?"

Thank you for trusting the unimagined majesty of grace and daring to let it out into the world.

Rajhon Dodd
Texas, United States