Daughter’s Classmate Healed of High Fever after Prayer

Pastor Prince, we have been listening to your sermons for 4 years now. My eldest daughter, Liviyah, is now 7 years old and received the gift of healing after praying to receive Christ.

When I fetched Liviyah from school one day, her teacher told me that one of her classmates named Jacob had a high fever. Liviyah laid hands on the boy and prayed Psalm 91 over him. After the prayer, Jacob’s fever went down and he recovered.

The next day, Jacob’s mum approached me and told me that she was very happy my daughter had prayed for her son. She added that Jacob was a sickly child. Whenever he had a fever, they would get very worried and get him checked due to his medical history. However, after my daughter prayed for him, he was very well.

Though it seems like my children are sometimes not listening, they are actually receiving God’s Word into their spirit. My 4-year-old son is able to quote Psalm 23 and Psalm 91. Whenever my children need something, they would pray and ask the Lord instead of turning to us only. I once asked Liviyah what she would do if she did not know the answer to an examination question. She replied happily that she would pray and ask Jesus for the answer.

As a parent, I am truly blessed and happy. Thank you so much, Pastor Prince!

Ivy May Akiagan