Delivered from Breast Cancer After Receiving Prayer During Service

In October 2020, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Devastated by the news, I cried there and then. I didn’t want to die. I was 50 years old, and I was so looking forward to enjoying a wonderful retirement life. This couldn’t be happening to me. It shook me to the core. My mind refused to accept it, and I told myself again and again that I am going to live to glorify God.

When I lived in Singapore, I attended New Creation Church. But since returning to Malaysia, I had not been attending any church service. One day, I met a sister who told me to attend New Creation Church’s online service.

At that time, I did not know about the online service. So I quickly tuned in, praying and hoping that one day, my condition would be called out, and God would heal me.

Three weeks later, on November 15, 2020, toward the end of the service, Pastor Prince said that there was someone who had a tumor in her body and had been praying for God to heal her, and the person’s name was Jennifer. That’s my name! My jaw dropped. I was praying that he would call out a patient with breast cancer, but I didn’t expect to hear my name. I felt a great whoosh from my head to my toes as if God sent fire through my body. I was shaking even as I was holding my phone to record Pastor Prince’s prophetic prayer for me. I believe God had healed me and also set me free from my fear.

I went for a surgery to remove my tumor and after that, all my tests came back clear. I continued to go for treatment over the next 18 months, partaking of the holy Communion every time. Throughout the treatment, I experienced no side effects. I went for radiotherapy 25 times without having my skin burned! All my tests consistently produced a clean report. Today I am delivered from cancer.

Throughout the ordeal, I would often watch the video where Pastor Prince called out my name. I even shared it with other cancer patients to encourage them, to let them know that God knows them by name too. And most importantly, I shared it with my dad, who was not a believer then. Today my dad has also received his salvation. Hallelujah! Thank you, Pastor Prince!

Jennifer Lim