Delivered From COPD

I was saved when I was 17 and joined a church, and started attending meetings three times a week and learning God's Word. I loved every day and I loved the Lord. He was so real to me. However, after a series of events, in particular, getting drunk at a friend's wedding, I began to distance myself from God. I didn't want to tell anyone in my church, or to face God, because what I had done was so taboo. So I just started drinking.

Although I tried to get into a church many times after that and read my Bible consistently, almost every day, I lived with constant shame, guilt and condemnation, and didn't think any of those nice Christians would understand. I had a crippling low self-esteem for at least 30 years. I hit rock bottom when I got on drugs and alcohol, and joined Alcoholics Anonymous. I got clean and sober, but was having a lot of trouble with God because I figured that He was finished with me.

For about five years, I had a black shadow hanging over my head and I felt like I was going to die very soon of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) because of heavy smoking. In fact, my doctor was hinting that I might have lung cancer. Then, I changed cable companies a few months ago and found Grace TV, and started watching Joseph Prince twice a day. My mother and a couple of friends had been praying for me about my lungs. After I watched Joseph Prince a couple of times, I claimed my healing.

When I went to a lung specialist, she said that I didn't have COPD. In fact, she was puzzled as to why I was there. My tests had looked normal. Since that day, I have stopped coughing. I know Jesus healed me of COPD. The black shadow is also gone and I look forward with anticipation to a long and healthy life. I have also started speaking God's Word out loud, and if I can't think of a scripture in my moment of need, I just whisper Jesus' name. My prayers are being answered.

I now know that Jesus is with me and He loves me and has forgiven me. The condemnation seems to be gone. I just want to thank Joseph Prince from the bottom of my heart. I was lost, but now I'm found. Amazing grace.