Delivered from Eating Disorder

I struggled with an eating disorder for about 3 years. I was in a cycle of losing and gaining weight. I would binge eat, feel bad about it and diet, lose some weight, felt like I missed out on a lot of good food, start binge eating again, and gain double the weight I’d previously lost. I felt like my life was not pleasing to God, and I felt very condemned. For years, I was also confused about so many things concerning God and the Bible.

Around March 2021, I started listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons regularly. As I listened, it felt like weights were being lifted off me. I began to understand my standing with Christ and received answers to questions and confusion I had carried for years. I began to practice being conscious of the Lord’s love for me and stopped depending on my own efforts to deliver myself from my bad eating habits.

As I released my situation to the Lord and became more conscious of His love and grace for me, I found that I began to eat normally. I no longer have any desire to overeat or feel like food has control over me! I have also lost all the extra pounds I’d gained.

I used to feel like I had to have control over my body and eating habits to keep myself healthy and good looking, but the more I tried to gain control, the worse everything became. Since coming under God’s grace, I eat well without being conscious of it, and the peace I enjoy is indescribable.

It has been 4 months since the Lord restored me. Grace has given me a desire for God and His Word, not out of duty or religion but a sincere desire and love for the Lord. He really is interested in every aspect of our lives!

Thank you very much, Pastor Prince. Most of all, I give thanks to our Father God!