Delivered from Post-COVID Hair Fall

My husband and I are in our 70s, and we were very sick from the COVID-19 virus. If not for the grace of God, we would have died.

Three months after our recovery, my hair started to fall out by the handfuls. I had heard from a good friend that the same thing had happened to her post-COVID. According to online information I’d read, the hair fall would begin 3 months post-COVID and would last a full 6 months. At the rate my hair was falling, I would have none left by the 6th month. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. I prayed, took vitamins, and wondered if I would be bald by my birthday.

Through Pastor Prince’s teachings and books, we have learned to partake of the holy Communion daily. On Saturday nights, my husband and I always watch Joseph Prince’s sermon broadcast from Singapore. When it is Saturday night here in Arizona, it is Sunday morning in Singapore. At the end of each sermon, Pastor Prince always prays a blessing over us. This part and the testimonies of healing are some of the highlights for me. Sometimes Pastor Prince will receive a word of knowledge for someone’s healing. The ailments called out are often quite serious: cancer, injured backs, and other grave diseases.

However, at the end of a recent broadcast we watched, Pastor Prince called out a woman who was distressed because her hair was falling out. Pastor Prince declared that the hair fall would stop that instant.

Thank You, Jesus, that the hair fall has indeed ceased. It stopped right at the moment decreed by Pastor Prince. Thank You, Jesus, for Your tender mercies. You are concerned with those things that concern us.

Marilyn Bennett
Arizona, United States