Delivered from Stage 3C Lung Cancer, Received Christ

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3C lung cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes and caused them to grow very large. The tumor was 8.5 cm by 5.5 cm in size. The doctor told me I should quit my job and get my affairs in order. The news and treatments turned our world upside down. I had chemotherapy and radiation every day for 45 days.

At that time, I wasn’t a Christian and didn’t know God. My wife had grown up in church and had watched Pastor Prince for years. She recorded his television programs, and we started watching them together.

Pastor Prince, we want you to know how anointed your sermons are even from across the world. Every week, we would randomly pick a set of recorded sermons to watch, and every week the sermons would deal with and address the exact issue I was struggling with—every week for 8 weeks! If we discussed a topic, the next time we watched your sermon, you would talk about it!

God is so good. His hand was in this as there is no other explanation as to how the sermons were specifically tailored to that week’s worry or problem. Cancer is a rollercoaster ride of so many thoughts, emotions, and struggles, and yet each week, Pastor Prince’s program would deal with the exact problem I was having and put me at ease. Looking back, it’s so amazing and unbelievable that our struggles were overcome each week as we watched his sermons.

As I watched the sermons, I became a Christian. I learned how to pray, claim my healing, and I became a better person. We prayed for chemotherapy to not give me side effects, and I never got sick—not once! I didn’t need to quit my job and was able to work every day.

It’s been 2-and-a-half years since my diagnosis, and the Lord has healed me! The doctors can’t find any tumor, and my lymph nodes have shrunk back down. I am cancer-free! The doctors said I shouldn’t be alive, yet here I am healed and living a better life than my old one.

Pastor Prince, I just want to thank you for your sermons and for teaching me about the Lord.

Jeff Mcgill
Missouri, United States

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