Delivered from Vertigo

For a numbers of years, vertigo has been a problem for me. I’ve been experiencing an increase in episodes and duration and after being involved in an auto accident, I suffered an episode of vertigo that lasted more than 2 months.

I took meclizine, an antihistamine to help suppress my condition. My doctor said there wasn’t much that could be done other than just a few exercises, which I did and had some brief moments of relief.

About 2 months ago, I heard Pastor Prince say in a message that vertigo was an attack of the enemy, and he prayed for those suffering from the condition to be delivered and healed.

Jesus has delivered me from the vertigo! He healed me, and I am now whole. All glory to Jesus Christ my Savior and healer! And thank you, Pastor Prince, for doing what the Lord tells you to do. Glory to our Daddy God and to the Lamb!

Florida, United States