Depression and Anxiety Gone, Experiencing God’s Peace

Some years ago, I started suffering anxiety over pretty much everything. The anxiety worsened to the point that I couldn’t eat anything. Eventually I fell into depression and would cry right through the night, every night.

I didn’t share any of this with my family for fear of upsetting them. However, I did share it with our Lord Jesus, even though due to my legalistic upbringing, I felt disqualified to even speak to Him.

One day I turned on the television and stumbled upon Pastor Joseph Prince. He was sharing about how his wife pictured Jesus on the cross carrying an ailment she had and how she was miraculously healed the next day. This message caught my attention. I wanted to hear more of his sermons. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to the pastor’s name and wasn’t able to find him on the internet.

Time passed and my situation continued to worsen. I became extremely depressed and suicidal. I found myself an online mentor, thinking that if someone who qualified for God’s love prayed for me, then God would heal me.

My mentor suggested I read Joseph Prince’s book Destined to Reign. I looked it up and there he was on the cover—the same pastor I had been trying to find online. I was overjoyed! I started to watch his sermons on YouTube and began to spend time with Daddy God more as His peace came over me.

Months later, I purchased and read Destined to Reign. Father God loves me so very much that He sent His Son to pay the biggest price for me. I realized Jesus didn’t die for me to live a life of defeat, and I started to proclaim my righteousness in Christ.

The good news I heard from Pastor Prince brought about my breakthrough. Praise God! I am now fully recovered from depression and anxiety. To anyone going through any mental illness, I am praying for you. I also pray that you find Destined to Reign—a treasure that reveals our beautiful Lord Jesus’ love for you!

United Kingdom