Depression Gone, Amazing Confidence In God's Love

Today is my 26th birthday. My life has changed ever since I started learning about God's grace through Pastor Joseph Prince's teachings.

In 2005, things did not go as I planned. I dropped out of university and my relationship with the girl I desired to marry was falling apart. It was during this time that I went through depression like never before. I had already given up on life and decided not to pursue my dreams. I was also about to give up on being a Christian.

The problem was that whenever I studied the Word of God, I would end up feeling as if there was something wrong with me. One day, as I was running through some television channels, I felt the Holy Spirit instructing me to stop and listen to Pastor Prince as he taught on God's grace. That was the turning point in my life. I continued to listen to his teachings daily on Daystar. It is amazing how the depression disappeared and hope arose in me. I developed this amazing confidence in God's love for me and knew I could achieve anything my heart desired to pursue.

I stopped looking at my abilities and focused on the complete and perfect work of Christ at the cross. It was not long after that I went back to school and studied Banking and Finance. In 2009, I graduated as the best Banking and Finance diploma student and was offered a job right on my graduation day. And in all this, I never struggled for it.

There was celebration everywhere as I appeared on television and in the newspaper. When I was asked what brought this success, my reply was, "God's abundance of grace." I have not looked back ever since my heart was established in grace. I have been telling all my friends and family members about grace (the person and not the doctrine). I have also written skits on God's grace that a lot of people have appreciated. It is true that good things happen to those who believe that God loves them. The whole world needs to hear this good news.

Destined To Reign is a must-read book especially for ministers of the gospel. I read a portion from your book, Unmerited Favor, that highlighted the need for a generation of preachers that will preach God's grace and I count myself one of them. This has become my number one desire. I have begun to take the Holy Communion at home and have seen my accuracy at work improve remarkably because of God's grace. Thank you, Pastor Prince. I love you so much.

Elisha Simushi
Zambia, United States