Discovered Unmerited Favor, Experiencing Unspeakable Joy and Blessings

I became a Christian when God showed me that my life’s purpose was found in His Son, Jesus. From that moment on, I decided to get involved in ministry by serving as a youth overseer in my district.

I preached what I’d learned from my leaders and the resources I’d subscribed to. I emphasized holy performance and right behavior as ways to victorious living. I also boldly imposed do’s and don’ts on the youths. This went on for 6 years and I felt proud that I was a “better Christian” than others.

Later, a coworker started to challenge my beliefs. He mentioned Pastor Prince’s ministry and said that people could live holy lives without being legalistic. This made me very curious. I began researching and listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons.

It soon blew my mind to learn that God is not looking at my performance but at Jesus’ finished work to bless me. I only needed to believe and receive this truth by faith. It sounded too good to be true.

I also learned that eternal salvation is a gift to be received from God; it is neither temporary nor attainable by our own works. This liberated me from religious living and brought unspeakable joy. Before that, I’d all too often believed I could lose my salvation.

As I look back on all those years of serving in the youth ministry, I realized I’d been trying to earn God’s favor and teaching others to do so. But in fact, all of His blessings had already been made available through the cross.

The grace revolution in my life has been unstoppable. I can’t help but share and declare the remarkable love of God to the youths and in my workplace. Everyone who’s heard the gospel has been blessed.

My career has also been exceptionally blessed. Since I began hearing the gospel, I’ve risen from being a mere plant operator to the president of a solar company within 7 years. I also have a wonderful Christian family—my beautiful, lovely wife and an amazing 2-year-old boy. Because of Jesus, my family is enjoying good health, provision, peace, wisdom, and favor every day.

I thank the Lord for you, Pastor Prince. You’ve preached the gospel of Jesus in its simplest, purest form and impacted my life overwhelmingly. May you continue to move this generation with the liberating message of grace.

Vicinttii Aldonii Tomial