Dreams For A Facility Realized For Half The Asking Price

In May 2010, I came across a broadcast from Pastor Prince quite by accident on Trinity Broadcasting Network, and have been learning and growing daily in a greater revelation of grace.

My friend and I are both therapists and we have a dream for over two years now about renting or purchasing a facility that we would be able to work from and have enough room for expansion for other therapists.

A friend told us of a church building that had been sitting vacant for two years. Previously, we inquired about its price and it was way out of our price range. However, in December 2010, we decided to take a look at it anyway with the realtor. We loved the layout and offered a price that was below half of the asking price. Praise the Lord, the offer was accepted and we are now in the final closing costs.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your amazing teaching that God's grace is so much bigger than our challenges and always in abundance!

Cindy Kafka
Montana, United States