No Sign of Breast Cancer After Resting in God’s Word

A few months ago, I went for a mammogram screening and received a notice that an abnormality needed to be further investigated.

I was scheduled for more screenings. The scans showed 2 spots in my left breast, and the doctors wanted to do a biopsy to test if the breast calcifications showed any sign of cancer. The surgery (hook wire plus open biopsy surgery) was planned.

I felt anxious but kept myself in God’s Word during those few months. I listened to Pastor Prince’s messages on healing and read scripture verses on the healing miracles Jesus performed and how he healed ALL who sought healing. I also listened to his sermon Guard the Imaginations of Your Heart to guard my heart and be mindful of the imaginations and pictures I see of myself.

As I waited for the surgery and results, I kept speaking these verses: “By His stripes, I am healed. As He is, so am I. For I will restore health to you and heal your wounds.” I laid hold of these verses for myself. I also partook of the holy Communion daily and spent a lot of time listening to praise and worship songs, praising the Lord for He is good.

I saw myself as a tree planted by the rivers, green and full of health. I felt a lot of peace. As I read the passage about Jesus healing the man with the withered hand and how one hand was made as whole as the other, hope arose in my spirit that my left breast will be as whole as the other. Whenever doubt set in, I was reminded to rest and know that He is God, and He has the final say no matter what the situation was.

When I got my test results, I praised Jesus. No cancer! The doctor said I needed to continue to go for screening annually as I may be at a higher risk for breast cancer in the future. But I know God’s truth is for me to thrive and be healthy as Jesus has taken all sicknesses away from us at the cross. I shall remain in excellent health, and no evil shall come near me and my loved ones.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for revealing Jesus and God’s deep love for us. Biggest thank You to the Lord Jesus, my ever-faithful friend and ever-present help!


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