Enjoying Countless Blessings after Hearing the Gospel

I stumbled upon Pastor Prince preaching on television when I was in a dark place. His appearance and accent caught my attention, and what he taught was nothing like I’d ever heard before!

I’d been trying to read the Bible all my life and it suddenly came alive. Questions were being answered and mysteries were unfolded. My spiritual hunger was fed and my spiritual thirst quenched!

But I was still skeptical because Pastor Prince’s grace messages sounded too good to be true. Then, in one of his sermons, he said we could ask the Lord to show us if the gospel of grace was truth. So I prayed and asked God.

After that, I would read passages in my Bible, only to have them expounded by Pastor Prince in a MP3 sermon that I downloaded later that week! I thought this was just a coincidence, but it kept on happening. Our Lord God really does speak to us!

Since then, I’ve been keeping a diary of all the Bible passages I’ve read. One way or another, I would always run into Pastor Prince’s sermons that would further explain those Bible passages to me.

Learning to walk with the Lord and rely on His Word has brought countless blessings such as healing my mom of cancer, freedom from depression, deliverance from cigarette addiction, and much more. By the grace of God, I’ve become a born-again Christian. I once was dead on the inside, but now I feel alive. I once was blind, but now I see. I once felt paralyzed, but now I’m walking in victory!

Thank you for your ministry, Pastor Prince. It has blessed me so, so much! May our Lord keep and prosper you as you continue to grow in Him. To God be all the glory forever and ever!

Rachel Kinoti