Enjoying Relationship with Jesus and God’s Love

Several years ago, a friend gave me Pastor Prince’s book Unmerited Favor. I had been having trouble loving and believing in myself even though I was a Christian. After I read the book, I also read Destined to Reign and 100 Days of Favor. Because of Pastor Prince’s books, I began to ask Jesus how He saw me and why He loves me. I didn’t see myself the way He did, and I wanted to.

Jesus took me on a journey of forgiveness. He helped me to forgive myself for something I thought was my fault and made me understand He has already forgiven me of my sins. He also made me realize I need not continue taking other people’s sins upon myself. He showed me how much He loves me in so many ways.

Pastor Prince’s books helped me to see how much I was loved by the Lord Jesus. I knew God loves me, but I did not know how much Jesus loves me and wants to be in a relationship with me. It moved me deep in my heart to know how much He loves me as I had never been loved like that before. I fell in love with Jesus.

Shortly after, I asked to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. A friend of mine prayed with me, and I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit that night.

Pastor Prince, I have grown so much in my faith since then, and I want to thank you for your part in this.

Susannah Acres
Arizona, United States