Found Life’s Meaning in Christ

I used to attend a church in Perth, Australia but never truly felt that I belonged there. Growing up, I always had a void in my life due to the bullying I experienced, and the absence of my parents as I was in boarding school, and also their expectations of me to excel in my studies.

For a long time I was lost with no place to go, no direction in life and would occasionally watch pornography. Eventually and reluctantly, I completed my degree and began my working life in Singapore.

Then, my girlfriend of 3 years cheated on me and I slipped into depression. At that time, I also hated every bit of my job, even though most of my colleagues were nice people. It’s just that my career did not spark any passion in me.

In the midst of it all, I tried to take solace in meaningless relationships which only made the sense of void increase. Occasionally, I would think of suicide but a voice in my head kept holding me back. That voice eventually prompted me to go back to church. Hence, I began a search online for a church that would be suitable for me. New Creation Church [in Singapore] fit the bill as it was a big church and I could keep a low profile.

I had my doubts initially due to my agnostic beliefs, but continued attending church mainly for the positive energy I felt.

Thankfully, going to church made me feel better again. God even led me to the love of my life whom I met online and was somehow also attending New Creation Church. He also gave me a new career which I was truly happy and passionate about.

I realized then that God has a plan for me. Grace is real. My faith in Him increased and I hungered to know Him more. I prayed to Him for a visible miracle.

One particular Sunday, I attended church with a sunburn on my right arm and was in extreme discomfort. During the service, Pastor Prince prayed for the congregation. After the prayer, I looked down at my arm and to my surprise, it had completely healed!

It was then that I finally had full faith in Jesus and His finished work, and believed that we are completely forgiven and healed spiritually, mentally and physically through His sacrifice on the cross.

I have also stopped watching pornography. Thank You, Jesus, and thank you, New Creation Church, for giving purpose and meaning in life back to me.