Enlarged Prostate Gland Reduced, Multiple Tumors Gone

A few years ago, my dad was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. Doctors suspected cancer, but thankfully the biopsy came back negative. However, he was put on a treatment to manage his prostate condition and had to go for regular check-ups.

Earlier this year, the doctors found further enlargement of my dad’s prostate gland. Multiple tumors were also found in his femur (thigh bone). As a degree holder in bioengineering, I knew this was not a good sign as it could mean cancerous cells had spread to the bone marrow. 

The doctors also suspected the same and wanted to do a full body scan for my dad. We also shared my dad’s reports with my cousin, who is a renowned cancer consultant, and she concurred with the doctors. Fear gripped our hearts. 

I have been attending New Creation Church for over 5 years, and I listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons over and over again. I have also read Pastor Prince’s books and have been sharing his teachings with my family, who also watch his sermons on YouTube. 

After we received the doctor’s report, I video-called my parents, and we partook of the holy Communion together. We also held firm to God’s healing promises. For the next few weeks, we continued to partake of the holy Communion every night and could feel a sense of peace and joy. My dad also stopped having fearful thoughts, and we declared that when the scan was done, the doctors would not find any tumors. 

That was exactly what happened. The doctors and my cousin were baffled by the results. The doctors then asked my dad to do another scan and biopsy to confirm that he was in the clear. Praise God, once again, everything showed that my dad was in perfect health. Even his prostate gland had reduced in size. All this happened without any medical treatment. 

Praise be to God!

Lorenzo Ferdinands

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