Entire Family Protected from COVID-19

I live in London together with my husband and our 5-year-old daughter. We had rented a room in our house to a nurse who works in the hospital. About 2 months ago, she started taking care of COVID-19 patients. During that period, the virus began to peak in the country.

At the start of last month, she told us that she could be infected by the virus. At that time, my parents-in-law, who were on a holiday and staying with us, could not return home as all flights from London were cancelled.

Later, our tenant tested positive for the virus and we all had to be quarantined for 14 days. I had heard Pastor Prince’s messages on the anointing oil, and had been applying the oil on my daughter’s and husband’s heads before they slept.

I also applied the anointing oil on every door in my house, including the door of the room where my parents-in-law stayed. My daughter and I had also been partaking of the holy Communion as taught by Pastor Prince.

Here’s the good news! Even though our tenant was infected, and we shared the same bathroom and kitchen, none of our family members caught the virus! Our tenant also recovered and was granted permission to go back to work.

I truly believe that trusting the Lord’s finished work, partaking of the holy Communion and applying the anointing oil were the keys to our protection.

Praise the Lord, and God bless Pastor Prince!

United Kingdom