Experiencing Favor at Work, Free from Addiction

I have been listening to Joseph Prince daily for over a decade. In spite of the encouraging Word and the faith that rose in my heart, I’ve been plagued with a fear of growing older. That fear has not been of dying, but rather, of becoming irrelevant when judged through the eyes of society. But I now glory in my age and view this “weakness” as an area through which the Lord Jesus can display His disproportionate grace.

As of writing, I am 67 years old and still working full-time in the competitive field of enterprise software sales. Every day I’m “competing” with guys half my age. In the natural, they’re smarter, more tech- and social media-savvy, and are in their prime. My company was also acquired recently, which added to the competitive intensity of the sales environment.

Recently, during our yearly sales kick-off meeting, I was recognized as the top performing sales representative in my company out of a 135 people! I finished the year over achieving my sales quota and closed one of the largest deals in my company’s history. Even better, the second phase of the deal will ensure that I'll still be the top performing representative next year.

When people ask what my “secret” is, I tell them it’s the unearned, unmerited, and undeserved favor of God. Pastor Prince has often said the Lord called us to just be witnesses. I simply tell them my story.

If that’s not enough, my wife has been gloriously healed of central nervous system lymphoma. I’ve also been delivered from a 23-year addiction to pornography. As many others have shared, the harder I tried to abstain, the stronger the addiction became. When I finally let go of my addiction to the Lord and quit trying to stop based on my own efforts, the desire simply disappeared. For anyone trapped in this addiction, I’m living proof there is a way out—and His name is Jesus!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for refusing to compromise and continuing to proclaim the gospel of grace. Your ministry has taught me that I am God’s beloved and the righteousness of God in Christ—all because of Jesus’ finished work.

Greg Christian
Texas, United States