Experiencing How God Cares About the Smallest Things

Pastor Prince, I have been following your teachings for about 5 years now. They have opened my eyes to many truths, one being that my Abba Father loves me unconditionally and doesn’t only perfect the big things concerning me, but also the little things.

I experienced this truth when my husband and I moved into our newly built home. I noticed one day while cleaning the guest bathroom that the tile workers had stained a large portion of the ceramic floor tiles. This really bothered me as my husband and I were hoping to rent the room out for extra income. I tried scrubbing the floors with all sorts of cleaning products but no amount of scrubbing with any product worked.

Initially I gave up trying, but it worried me that the floors would look so dirty to our guests. So I decided to try again with another product. I also put on a sermon of yours The Battle for Your Mind in the background and got to scrubbing. However, I became disheartened, as the stains still wouldn’t come off no matter how much I scrubbed.

In the sermon, you were speaking about how a certain situation got you feeling frustrated and angry, and how Daddy God reminded you in that moment of His great love for you. I suddenly remembered who I was in Christ and all that was available for me as God’s child.

I dropped my scrub and prayed the most simple prayer: “Jesus, I cannot remove these stains but I thank You that You can.” I began cleaning again and immediately I noticed that the stains were fading away! As I wiped, they came off one by one. Within a few minutes, my floor was completely clean and restored to brand new!

I couldn’t stop thanking Daddy God. I love how He uses little things to show us His goodness and might. He really is ever-present in our lives and cares about even the littlest things that make us worry. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for being so faithful in preaching the gospel of grace. My prayer for you is that of Ephesians 6:19–20. Blessings to you and your ministry.