Eyes Opened By Reading God's Word

I received Jesus into my heart as a little girl at about seven years old, but never walked with Jesus until just a few months ago in January, when I discovered Joseph Prince Ministries.

The reason I was out of touch with Jesus was the religious way in which I was brought up and the feeling that I was never going to be good enough for God. Of all the programs on the various networks, for some reason, one day, I was just immersed in one of Joseph's Destined To Reign broadcasts that airs here in Phoenix.

Since that day, I have wanted to get hold of every resource available on the grace teaching of Joseph Prince. I have bought three of his books and several CD sermons. I have been blessed and have come closer to God than I ever have in my life. My eyes have been opened through reading God's Word, and listening to Joseph's teachings every minute that I can, be it when I'm in my car or at home listening to a recorded broadcast.

Victoria MarieHering
Arizona, United States