Found Good Tenant for Property in Super-Short Time

Every time I visited Singapore before the pandemic, I would always make it a point to visit New Creation Church. I’m so thankful I can now watch the services online every week.

Earlier this year, Pastor Prince released the theme of the year—Rest and Acceleration—and talked about Amos 9:13. He mentioned the following week the same verse in The Message version, which says that things will happen so fast our heads will swim, and everywhere we look, there will be blessings! I believed it in my heart and prayed at that moment that my newly renovated condo unit would be rented out to a good tenant.

Immediately after the service, I received a message from my dad, telling me a couple was urgently looking for accommodation. I also received a call from my condo’s security guard that there was an interested tenant. I later received a third call from my property agent, who told me a tenant saw my condo’s photos and was willing to rent the place without viewing it physically. This person even confirmed the deal on the spot.

Praise the Lord, it is indeed The Year of Rest and Acceleration! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for the now word.