Free from Severe Period Pains

Since starting my menstruation at the age of 13, I had been experiencing severe period pains. They seemed to get more intense every month. It felt like someone was using a sharp knife to stab my lower abdomen. If I was walking, I would have to stop and crunch my stomach muscles to make the pain subside. Over the years, I would search the Internet for ways to reduce the pain. I found out that coffee somewhat worked, so every month during my period, I became a coffee addict just to reduce the pain.

A few years ago, I became a Christian, and my boyfriend introduced me to the holy Communion. I didn’t understand it, but I still partook of it with him. He sent me a holy Communion prayer from Joseph Prince’s book Provision Promises, and I began to use it as a guide. During that time, I was also reading Unmerited Favor, and it made me realize my period pains were not punishment for the sins I committed. I learned that God is for me and wants me healed.

I began confessing the healing and health confessions on Pastor Prince’s website every day, even when I wasn’t having my period. Reading the book, confessing God’s promises, and partaking of the holy Communion became a pleasurable time of getting to know the Father’s heart for me and what Jesus did for me on the cross.

Doing all this made me realize how knowing who Jesus is and His grace toward me has changed the way I go to Him and how much I receive from Him. The moment my perspective of the person of Jesus changed was the moment my healing came.

Toward the end of that year, I realized I no longer had pains while having my period. These days, I can even go as far as saying I enjoy having my period because there is no torment or torture!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for allowing God to use you to change lives.

Gorata Lizzy Moruki