Freed from 15 Years of Drug Addiction

I was a drug addict for 15 years. I took up to 30 Lortabs pain pills every day. I also smoked crack most days and took meth. In addition, I took Klonopin and Xanax along with all that.

I loved God and was saved but thought God couldn’t possibly love me due to the drug use and all the lying and immoral things I did to maintain my addiction. It wasn’t until I went to jail and spent 30 days inside that my life changed.

I had gotten arrested for the first time ever and got myself 2 felonies. In the 30 days of solitary confinement, I had only one thing to read—the Bible. So I read it. When I left after the 30 days, I had read and believed I wasn’t hated by God.

On the first day of my release, my sister introduced me to Joseph Prince. I watched him the first time in September 2013. He was preaching about grace and for the first time in my 15-year addiction, I didn’t feel so condemned. From that day on, I watched Pastor Prince every single day.

He preached the truth and gave verses upon verses of how much I was loved and forgiven. For 3 months, I stayed at my parents’ house and watched his program, and I was able to clean out a lifetime of wrong thinking. Pastor Prince saved my life by helping me to discern the Bible. When you believe right, you will live right!

I have been clean for 5 years now, and I am now living for the first time in my life. I thank Jesus every single day for saving me. He is now my best friend. I led a life of condemnation that kept me in bondage for so much of my life but not anymore. I am the righteousness of God through Jesus Christ, and my life has never been so good.

I am a paramedic here and was throughout my addiction. God allowed me to keep my paramedic license. Both of the felonies were dismissed after 3 years of court proceedings. Not only am I freed from my addictions, but my depression is gone as well.

Pastor Prince, thank you so much. I still watch you every morning and sometimes all day. I thank God for you and your ministry!

Alabama, United States