Freed from Alcohol Addiction After Partaking of Communion

I had developed a drinking problem. It started out with a glass of red wine every night as I had read it could be good for one’s health. As time went on and life became more stressful, one glass didn’t seem to be enough anymore. It increased to 3 to 4 glasses a night. One evening, I had really embarrassed myself with my behavior. That was when I realized something had to change.

So, I started listening to Joseph Prince. I was intrigued by his sermons on the holy Communion and its power to heal. I began to pray for healing regarding my desire for alcohol.

When Pastor Prince came to Washington D.C. in October 2019, I immediately got tickets to go with my daughter and grandson. It was truly a moving experience for my whole family. As we partook of the holy Communion during the service, I asked Jesus to deliver me from this addiction.

I did not feel any different afterwards nor did I hear anything from the Lord. However, several days later, something very amazing happened.

I was going to purchase some wine for the evening but as soon as I saw the bottle, I immediately felt really sick to my stomach. Although the bottle wasn’t open, I could smell the wine and had a gag reaction. So I left the store without purchasing it.

It has been 6 months and I still don’t have the desire for another drink of wine! I am awestruck and amazed that God loves me so much He healed me and answered my prayer. I am so grateful to the Lord whom I have grown so much closer to now.

I also want to thank Pastor Prince and his ministry for bringing the gospel of grace to America. Your messages have been life changing for me.

Victor Jordan
Tennessee, United States