Freed from Pornography, No Longer Feeling Rejected

I was fighting a long battle with pornography, and I had no way out. I knew it was wrong, yet I could not stop myself. I tried so hard to stop in my own strength but I just couldn’t succeed. I felt ashamed and disgusted with myself.

I nearly gave up, but praise God, He would not let me go that easily. I began listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons and was inspired by the testimonies he shared. The desire to watch pornography did not go away immediately, but I kept listening to and believing in God’s Word. I also began to declare that I am the righteousness of God in Christ.

God knew there were so many issues inside me. For 3 long years, He led me to deal with each one of them. He literally uncovered the depths of my soul. It was so embarrassing but at the same time beautiful that the Creator of the universe would take time to help me. I had never believed He cared or listened. Yet He does—He heard my cry for help, and He answered.

Freedom from pornography happened when I heard Pastor Prince preach about Samson (in his sermon "Walk in Greater Faith and Victory") and finally understood how lust could stem from rejection during one’s childhood. I had to deal with the rejection and pain of coming from a single-parent family and believing the lie that I wasn’t loved.

It was when I accepted and dealt with the feeling of rejection that I accepted the Spirit of adoption given to me by my heavenly Father. Now I am free from pornography. I have no fear of dealing with rejection when it rises for I know that in Christ I am strong because He has won the war.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing the gospel of grace. It is truly changing lives.

Papua New Guinea