Gave Birth to Baby Boy After Receiving God’s Truth

I became a mother for the first time last year after being married for 12 years!

For 12 years, my husband and I tried to have a baby but to no avail.

It was only by listening to Pastor Prince day after day that the truth finally clicked. He always taught that righteousness is a gift. In one of his messages, he urged listeners to say the word “gift” 3 times. We would listen to this constantly and finally it clicked for us that righteousness is a gift, a FREE GIFT that we could receive.

The Bible also says that children are a gift from God. When God helped us to put these 2 truths together, the baby came and we received our child from our heavenly Father!

We are proud parents of a little boy. God is a good Father and He remains faithful. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for bringing God’s Word so clearly and simply to us. We are eternally grateful!

South Africa