God Has The Absolute Best For Us

I’ve been a Christian for 14 years and did not understand the magnitude of God’s grace given to us through Jesus until recently.

I’ve struggled during my walk with God because I thought that His love for me was based on my performance and successes in life. I continually felt like I never could reach the standards of Christians around me. In the end, I felt like God had given up on me and I was useless to Him.

I joined the military and embarked on a lonely and treacherous journey, without my family and friends, surrounded by dark days and tremendous guilt.

After six long years, I desperately wanted to make things right with the Lord. I had always seen Pastor Prince on television and was amazed at how different his messages were. He has the boldness to believe that God had the absolute best for us and had already given it to us through Jesus’ finished work on the cross!

As I heard the gospel of grace, I began to see that God had not left me at all but had been with me all along! He loves me and sees me as His beloved child!

As I searched the Word, I too began to believe that God had given us the very best for our lives! For the first time in my life, I was comfortable being me! Interestingly enough, the areas of sin that plagued me vanished without any struggle. It was that easy.

I am a testimony to this amazing grace! I’m currently serving overseas and continue to experience tremendous favor and grace like never before in my life! Thank You, Lord, and thank you, Pastor Prince, for continually spreading the gospel of grace!

New York, United States