God Is Our Protection

I grew up in a church that was very legalistic. It taught me that I could lose my salvation. Needless to say, I lived in fear until I began learning the truth of God's grace. It has been a process of being freed from that bondage.

I discovered you while taking a break at work during the night shift. I watched you preaching grace at 5am. Since then, I have become free from the talons of the law.

I recently ordered and received the Unshakable series of sermons and God has used them to answer several questions that I had. Your testimony and teaching on Psalms 91 was especially encouraging. I am a nurse and the place I worked has just this year issued a mandatory compliance with receiving the flu shot. I felt that the Lord was leading me to refuse taking the shot because He is my protection. I was nervous about refusing to take it, uncertain if I could keep my job if I refused. I prayed about the situation and they issued a statement that the only exemption was for religious reasons, so God made a way.

Also, my son is a soldier and has already been to Afghanistan one time and is scheduled to be deployed again in 2011. I told him to read Psalm 91 and he said, "Mom, I read it all the time." When he first went, he was just 19 and going to replace a soldier who had been killed. The company he joined had 27 deaths over the year-long deployment. He was in a firefight nearly every day that he was there. He told me, "I knew I was never alone." He was in the cleft of the Rock. PRAISE GOD! Thank you for being obedient to His call on your life. It has made an explosive impact on mine.

Rene Burchfielde
North Carolina, United States