God's Shaking Brings Forth Good Things

I have been listening to Pastor Prince for about two years. Prior to that, I was in an abusive marriage with my spouse addicted to pornography. I was losing my home and my mind.

I listened to the sermon series about how when God shakes things, only the good remains. Well, I found a program that allowed me to keep my home. I feel great about where the love of Jesus is keeping me. I also won a door gift worth $3,500 (Fraxel Laser Treatment) and I have quit smoking.

I got a new position at my job (with less stress that allows me to listen to Pastor Prince all the time). I received a raise and am currently taking classes to help with the addictive tendencies from that marriage.

I have been preaching the message of grace and praying that this message will set the captives free. I love your ministry and have been persecuted too for believing in Jesus the way you have taught Him to me, but I will not have it any other way. I am free and learning to renew my mind every day.

Love you all so much I cannot thank you all enough. I will be celebrating 17 years of being drug free from heroine, cocaine and methamphetamine. However, I was still in bondage until I heard the beautiful message of God's grace—my Jesus, the one who forgives and sets us free with one stroke at the cross.

I wish I could meet you all one day in person. Say hello for me to Wendy and Jessica. God bless.

Nansy Travis
Tennessee, United States