Healed From Menstrual Pain, Pay Increased

I first heard you teach on Trinity Broadcasting Network a year ago. I have never heard the gospel preached like this before and my life has been totally transformed since being introduced to your ministry.

We have been taught that we have to do something in order for God to bless us because “faith without works is dead”, not realizing that the work we have is resting in Jesus' finished work at the cross and speaking what we believe into existence. Honestly, when I first heard you teach, I was a bit skeptical and focused on every word to see if you would say something contradictory the Word of God. From that day until now, I have never heard you say anything apart from the Word of God, and I am so grateful for that.

My mother began listening to your teachings soon after I did, and we are so much stronger in every area of our lives because now we understand grace. She has purchased Destined To Reign, Destined To Reign Devotional and Unmerited Favor for us and we absolutely love reading them every day.

For years, I had terrible menstrual cramps that would leave me bent over and vomiting, sometimes for days, so I started taking birth control pills (the Pill) to alleviate the symptoms. Then, I heard you teach that we are already healed of every sickness and disease because Jesus' body was broken for our healing at the cross. So I started taking Communion every day, confessing that I walk in divine health and healing. I stopped taking the Pill since the pain would come back even though I was on it. In June of 2010, nine months after I stopped taking the Pill, I have not had menstrual pain. Praise God!

A second testimony: In November 2010, my company had just found out that we had lost the bid for the next contract and we would all be laid off at the end of February 2011. We were told that there was a chance we would be hired by the new contractors, but nothing was guaranteed.

I continued to stand on the Word of God and even believed for an increase in pay. To cut a long story short, I am now working for that new contractor with a pay increase of more than 12 percent, even though I'm performing the same level of work that I'd done for my previous employer. Hallelujah!

God is so good. Thank you again, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel of grace because my life has truly been radically transformed. Thank you so much for being obedient to God and radically preaching the gospel of grace.

Jan Harp
Florida, United States