Healed of Broken Heart, No More Condemnation in Christ

I had accepted Christ at a young age in kindergarten. I later spent 10 years in a school where I learned more about Jesus through the morning devotions. The messages were a mixture of law and grace, and my thinking and actions became law-based under the legalistic teaching.

After leaving school, I did not attend a church as my family members were not believers. I was having trust issues from broken friendships, experiencing social anxiety, and feeling lost in life. This darkness kept growing, and I knew only God could help me.

I met my primary school friend in university, and she brought me to New Creation Church [in Singapore]. There, I heard the gospel of grace and the theme of the year on Jubilee and breaking of bondages. I felt God was speaking to me directly, and I kept attending church to hear the messages and receive healing.

I learned there was no condemnation in Christ. I also learned about the power of the holy Communion. I kept confessing that I am the righteousness of God in Christ whenever negative thoughts came. I also partook of the Communion to heal my broken heart and scars.

The Lord healed my broken heart and old wounds and given me a new heart—His heart—in less than a year. I can now love others out of an overflow and can hear God’s voice even better now. I am thankful for my new life in Christ and what He has done for me at the cross.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for the grace message and for unveiling the beauty of Jesus to us. He is indeed Yahweh Rapha, the Lord our healer. Hallelujah!