Lost Ring Recovered After Receiving Communion

Recently, my husband and I went to the beach with my son, my daughter, and her husband. We were swimming when we realized our son-in-law was going through our belongings. When we asked him if everything was okay, he said, “No, my wedding ring is gone, and I think it fell into the water!” He was very distressed as they had just gotten married.

My son and son-in-law went to the car to get some snorkeling equipment to see if they could find the ring. Meanwhile, my husband and I, who partake of the Communion daily, decided to pray and partake of the Communion there and then. We acknowledged and remembered that Jesus was sacrificed for us, and in every area of need, He has given us everything we need through His body and blood. We prayed for the ring to be found and thanked the Lord that He cares about all things, great and small. Then we just rested.

After about 10 minutes, our daughter came up from the beach smiling and said my son had found the ring! This was nothing short of a miracle as the water was about 6 feet deep, and the gentle waves were moving the sand around. We were so touched by God’s goodness and declared to them how God had found the ring. We know it was Jesus who showed my son where the ring was.

Kathryn Ronquillio
Missouri, United States