Healed of Chronic Back Pain After Watching Broadcast

I suffered from lower-back pain for several years after my back gave out while I was trying to take clothes out of the dryer. I was unable to stand or move and had to be dragged into another room on top of a blanket.

I went to a few doctors, but they had no answers for me. I was told to take it easy and that maybe my back would heal in time but it would never really be the same. I ended up seeing a chiropractor who was able to give me some relief from the pain. I was at least able to straighten up and walk. However, the pain would return, and I would have to visit the chiropractor at least once every 3 months. This started to cost quite a bit of money and it only added to my burden.

One day, I watched Pastor Prince’s program, and he prayed for those with lower-back pain. He called out healing for backs, specifically discs that worn out over time or were just getting old, which was exactly what the first doctor had said my problem was. When I heard the prayer, I jumped toward the television and claimed my healing!

Although I don’t remember feeling anything at the time, I kept declaring by faith that my back was healed by Jesus’ stripes. Within a week, I realized that all the back pain I had been experiencing was gone! Praise the name of Jesus! It has been over a year now and my back is still healed!

Occasionally the devil will try to convince me to “be careful” with my back in case it gets hurt again. Because of Pastor Prince’s teaching, I would just declare that I am already healed and not pay attention to the devil’s lies.

God bless you, Pastor Prince! I thank God for your faithful preaching of the truth and the gospel of grace! Each day my faith grows in the knowledge of my right standing with God through Christ.

New Mexico, United States