Healed of COVID-19

My boyfriend and I had tested positive for COVID-19. I had a fever of 101.4 degrees Fahrenheit, chills, headaches, and body aches. Although these symptoms subsided after I took a pain pill, I was still anxious. I kept wondering, Was this the worst part or was there more?

My boyfriend was certified high-risk as he was asthmatic. I just wanted it to be over and sent a prayer request to your ministry asking for all uncertainty and anxiousness to be gone. We also prayed for healing without treatment.

Ten days after testing positive, the virus completely left our bodies! We have been officially cleared from the health department’s active COVID-19 cases. I recovered from bacterial pneumonia with no damage was done to my body. My boyfriend also recovered without being hospitalized.

Truly, I am thankful to be on the other side of this virus. Jesus has made me victorious, and I can live knowing I have purpose!

Delaena Uses Knife
South Dakota, United States