Healed of Pain in Left Shoulder While Watching Broadcast

Pastor Prince, I had a fall that resulted in soreness in my left shoulder. The pain persisted for at least 7 months and I had to go for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan.

Before the scan, I watched your broadcast Amazing Things Happen When You Flow With The Spirit. You were moving in the Holy Spirit’s healing anointing and encouraging people with pain in their left shoulder to raise their left hand 7 times.

I began to do so but the pain was still there. But as I lifted my arm several more times, the pain completely went away! Praise the Lord!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for following the Holy Spirit’s prompting. It has healed me.

I’ve been watching your program ever since my son and daughter (a pastor) introduced me to your ministry. We are learning so much from you. God bless you.

Jenny Winters
Washington, United States