Healed Of Swollen Feet While Watching Broadcast

At midnight on September 14, 2010, I was watching a Joseph Prince sermon broadcast on DAYSTAR Television Network and a video clip of a brother who had swollen feet was shown.

I was anticipating the usual beginning of the sermon where Pastor Prince would start preaching, but the video clip came up at the start, and when the healing session was going on, I realized that my feet, which were also swollen, could be healed too.

I did as the man was asked to do and lo and behold, the swelling in my feet receded! It was such an amazing experience. Pastor Prince even wished the brother well in his marriage and I grabbed that with both hands as well.

Thank you so much and may our Lord be glorified. He knows our hearts and touches us even when we are thousands of miles away, and watching a sermon that is not even live! Hallelujah!

London, United States