Healed of Terrible Pain in Arm While Watching Broadcast

Last year, after I had surgery done, I began to experience terrible pain in my left arm. One day, I saw Pastor Prince preach about the Holy Spirit on his program. In the middle of his preaching, he suddenly stopped to say that someone was experiencing pain in the left arm.

I said, “Oh God, he is speaking to me!” Then Pastor Prince encouraged people experiencing the pain to raise their left hand 7 times and to do a big wave if the pain is gone.

I did what he said and I was HEALED IMMEDIATELY! Hallelujah! I ran into my uncle’s room to tell him the good news and I’ve not stopped sharing it since!

Pastor Prince, I thank the Holy Spirit for leading me to watch you teach on God’s grace. Jesus sent my healing through you! Praise the Lord!

Brenda Stills
Louisiana, United States