Hearing Restored

Pastor Prince, your daily broadcasts are such a blessing to me and my wife. Due to your teaching on the holy Communion, my wife and I began to partake of the Communion every day. As we worshiped the Lord during Communion, we continued to believe we were being healed and restored to health in a couple of areas in our bodies.

I am a long-time musician and several years ago, I suffered hearing loss in my left ear from a mishap in the recording studio. My wife and I began to believe, declare, and thank the Lord that He was restoring my hearing in that ear.

One day during Communion time, my wife was led to put her finger in my ear 3 times, speak to it, and declare that it was healed and fully restored in the name of Jesus. After she did this, my ear began to itch. I could hear a little better and we knew the manifestation of full restoration had begun.

During Communion, we continued to thank the Lord for this and for the awesome teaching and anointing from our local church and from you.

A week later, we were driving to dinner when all of a sudden, my ear popped open. I exclaimed to my wife “Wow! Everything is so loud. I can hear from my left ear as well as my right ear!” What a joyous occasion that was. Praise our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your impactful ministry.

Jack Rowell
Mississippi, United States