Heart Disease Symptoms Disappear After Taking Communion For A Month

My wife and I started taking the Holy Communion on a daily basis after watching Pastor Prince's DVDs that my daughter bought for us.

I was diagnosed with a 50 percent blocked heart artery. There were already symptoms of this disease and they manifested by way of chest cramps, aches in my left arm and acid reflux that resembles closely the feeling of a heart attack. I am already on medication for all these symptoms. Previously, I requested for prayer for my situation and I want to thank you all for your prayers.

It has already been a month since we have been taking the Lord's Supper together. I am happy to report that I have stopped taking the medication for my acid reflux as there were no more reflux symptoms. Praise and thank God. The discomfort in my chest and left arm has also disappeared. I believe that the Lord's healing hands are at work.

It's no coincidence when one of Pastor Prince's teachings addresses an issue that I am currently facing. For example, I had heard him preach about his deliverance from irritable bowel syndrome and pain in his tailbone in one of his DVD resources. But when that same message was broadcast here on television and it addressed an issue I was facing, I knew that it was definitely a message for me directed by the Holy Spirit.

I want to thank Pastor Prince for making this possible. We are praying for his ministry to reach new levels and that many Christians will be richly blessed. God bless.

Danny Seng
California, United States