Condemnation Gone, Now Experiencing Peace and Joy

Pastor Prince, I first encountered your teaching on God’s grace 2 years ago. At first, it was hard to receive it because of the cloud of condemnation that had been hanging over my life. The Jesus you teach is so different from what I grew up hearing. He is so accessible and perfectly loving.

It wasn’t until 2020 that I started actively listening to your teachings. I believe it was God’s perfect orchestration for me to be anchored in what it truly means to be a new creation in Christ. With the lockdowns due to COVID-19, I had time to listen to your teachings and read your books, specifically No More Mind Games.

The revelation of the Father’s love for me has revolutionized my life. Sometimes I would just be sitting with my family and I would be in awe of how incredibly happy and at peace I am, all because of Jesus’ love for me. This revelation has transformed my speech and thought life.

Though I still have days I make mistakes, the Holy Spirit comes like a knight in shining armor and reminds me of the righteousness I have in Christ. When you say Christ is an overpayment for our sins, I can truly testify to that. He has done so much in the past few months, and I believe this is just the beginning!

Thank you so much, Pastor Prince, your teachings are truly changing lives.