Household and Property Kept Safe from Tornado

I had a dream about the enemy trying to blow up my home and car, and me stopping him by binding him in Jesus’ name. I didn’t know what it all meant, but when I woke up, I bound the enemy and this negative vision in Jesus’ name.

I was thankful if it was a warning, but I was also curious about the dream because I always pray to be in the place of protection where no evil may touch me. I continued to pray, use the anointing oil, and partake of the holy Communion, including praying a special prayer of binding any evil plans against my household in Jesus’ name.

A few days after I had the dream, a tornado hit just across my street. A few houses down from us got damaged, but there was no damage to our property or vehicles, not even a fallen tree! We don’t even have a garage or carport for our vehicles. I am so thankful the Lord is really our protection.

Additionally, because the power was out, we ordered pizza from a local place that still had power, and I received a birthday coupon from them for a free pizza, which really helped with the bill. He provides all our needs, exceedingly, abundantly, and beyond all that we can ask for think!

Georgia, United States