Husband Discharged, Shoulder Healed after Receiving Communion

My husband was admitted to hospital with a serious infection. His white blood cell count went up day by day, and the doctors couldn’t find the right antibiotics. He was very ill and was not allowed to eat.

I started partaking of the Holy Communion every day while I was with him in the hospital. After 3 days, the doctors found the right antibiotics, and his white blood cell count came down. The Lord answered our prayers and after 11 days, my husband was discharged.

I also had a serious shoulder operation that affected my shoulder. The rehabilitation was extremely slow and my shoulder was very stiff and sore. The range of motion for my shoulder was very limited.

With my husband’s time in hospital, I had no time to even think about rehabilitation. But when I tested my shoulder again, it hit me that I had been healed! Areas I had been struggling with during rehabilitation were no longer a problem.

Without asking, the Lord healed me as I partook of the Holy Communion for my husband’s healing. I am blown away. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for teaching us about the Holy Communion.

Helena Beukes
South Africa