No Premature Birth after Receiving Communion

I’ve been soaking up Joseph Prince’s teachings on the Holy Communion for my mental health. Renewing my mind with God’s Word has been life changing and the Holy Communion is my go-to preventive medicine.

When my water bag ruptured prematurely in the 29th week of my pregnancy, I was put on bed rest in the hospital and again, I turned to Joseph’s simple teachings on the Holy Communion.

To combat fear, I partook of the Communion with every meal. The doctors said it would be best if I could make it to 34 weeks. By the grace of God, our baby boy was born at 34 weeks on GOOD FRIDAY! Jesus died so that my baby boy could live.

The Holy Communion is a powerful reminder of Jesus’ body broken for me so that I am healed by His stripes. It is a powerful reminder of His blood shed for me for the forgiveness of sins under the new covenant of grace. Baby Tommy is a healthy, happy boy. He is a living testimony that we are given abundant life through the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Hannah O'connor
California, United States