Husband Unhurt after Truck Hit by Another Sliding in Wet Snow

A short while ago, a bad snowstorm left 6 inches of wet snow in our neighborhood. In order to clear a path in our driveway, my husband Tim had to move the positions of our vehicles around.

He began with moving our trucks. The one he was in started sliding in the wet snow while he was moving it, but he managed to move it to the end of the driveway.

Then without warning, another truck slid down the driveway, and hit the truck my husband was in! Our driveway is very steep, so it had picked up momentum as it slid down.

Thankfully, my husband was not hurt. And had he been standing behind the truck, he would have been crushed.

Jesus had told me that He would give His angels charge over us, as He promised in Psalm 91:11. He told me not to be afraid because He is with us. Tim and I praise God and our Lord Jesus for protecting us!

Bobbi Nickerson
Colorado, United States